Fair Trade Policy

Caoba trades ethically and respectfully. We are loyal and reasonable in all our dealings. We work together to build long term relationships that are both financially and materially sustainable.

We import most of our products directly from Mexico and specialize in handmade items. Sustaining traditional handicrafts is something we have a great passion for.

We deal directly with the producers and wherever possible the ‘middlemen’ are taken out of our supply chain to allow as much money as commecially possible to go directly to the producers.
We always give a 50% down-payment to allow our suppliers to buy materials, the balance gets paid promptly on delivery.

We visit most of our suppliers at least once a year to maintain a good working relationship and product development.

Below are some photos of our suppliers.

This is Amancio, we have been buying his stoneware pottery for 9 years. His mother started the business in 1945.

This is the workshop of Ortega, he creates crazy cockerels and other folkart.

This is Jesus one of the workers at Amancio’s (above) workshop.

These are some of the workers at the workshop where we buy our recycled, handblown mexican glassware. This workshop employs 55 glassblowers.

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