Guatemalan worry dolls angels


There is a legend amongst highland Indian villages of Guatemala.  If you have a problem then share it with a worry doll before going to bed place the dolls under your pillow. When you are asleep the dolls will take your worries away. worry doll angel

approx. 8.5cms tall



There is a legend amongst the `Highland villages of Guatemala. If you have a problem share it with your worry doll. Give your worries to the angel and it will release your doubts and fears.

This is not a toy, not suitable for children due to small parts.

Each design of these Guatemalan Angel worry dolls is as colourful as the last. Every adorable angel is wearing a multi-coloured dress and has sparkling glitter-clad wings that shimmer . On top of the head is a hoop of string to make this ornament easy to hang. Every worry doll is made by hand using traditional handcrafting techniques in a fair trade work environment.

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 2cm x 6cm
Fair trade product.
Handmade in Guatemala

NOTE: due to the handmade nature of this product the colours WILL vary.
Size of doll: Height approx. 8.5cms Width 7.5 cms